iOS 16: the next Apple HomeKit update

        Hey, Siri, open the smart drapes!

        It's as easy as that. On your voice command, our Bintronic belt-driven smart drapes can be easily managed by using HomeKit. With smart detection, you can control the curtains in any room any way you wish. Plus, the connection, programming, and operation are all very easy to set up. As more people have been choosing to purchase reliable smart home devices to make their lives easier, Apple has released iOS 16. This new update no longer supports iPads as home hubs, meaning that to use HomeKit features such as external control, shared access, and automation management, you will need to use devices such as Apple TV and Homepod. These provide a reliable connection and an overall improved user experience.

       Bintronic's smart drapes can be easily connected to Apple iCloud directly without using any third-party app or gateway, and you can control them using a Homepod or Homepod Mini. Already a HomeKit user? Let Bintronic's smart drapes be part of your home and bring comfort and efficiency to your life!