The Ultimate Window Covering Solution
The Ultimate Window Covering Solution

Smart Curtains with DC Motor. Compatible with Google Home and Apple HomeKit.

Safe, Silent, and Smart
Safe, Silent, and Smart

Go Green with Bintronic's Energy-Saving Motorized Curtains.

Why Choose Us


Bintronic's vision is to improve our customers' quality of life using the latest in automation technology. We make your daily work easier, improving efficiency and productivity. We consistently are at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and continue to offer better solutions to address the needs of our global customers.


R & D

With over 30-years of experience, our technical team is skilled at developing high-tech products for consumers' needs


Assurance and Accreditations in ISO 9001:2015


Our dedicated sales team and service network is here to find the solution that works best for you


We provide flexible customized services on R&D Technology


Cooperation with 100+ World-Leading Brands

100+ World-Leading Brands
We cooperate with leading domestic motor manufacturers, as well as manufacturers of quick acting doors, rolling doors, folding doors, automatic doors, curtains, barrier gates, keys, etc.

200+ Curtain Dealers 
We work with nationwide curtain retailers, export companies, fabric manufacturers, rails providers, hardware manufacturers, and construction projects, etc.

400+ Rolling Door Dealers 
We supply our products nationwide rolling door material manufacturers, installation services, utilities, hardware material businesses, telecommunication companies, and more.




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