High Comfort, Green Life

High Comfort, Green Life

Life in the future, now.

Smart Home, Smart Life

Smart Home, Smart Life

Make your life more luxurious and your home smarter with help from Bintronic.

Smart and Comfortable

Smart and Comfortable

Make life easy, comfortable and efficient.

Why Choose Us

Bintronic's vision is to promote the qualities of our life with the latest automation technology, making our daily work easier, improving efficiency and productivity. We strive to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and continue to offer better solutions to address the needs of our global customers.

R & D

30-years of experience with technical team to develop high-tech products for market demands


Assurance and Accreditations in ISO9001 : 2018


Provide sales and service network to solve customer needs immediately


Providing Flexible Customized Services on R&D Technology


Cooperation with 100+ World-Leading Brands

100+ World-Leading Brands
Domestic motor plants, quick acting doors, rolling doors, folding doors, automatic doors, curtains, barrier gates, keys, etc.

200+ Curtain Dealers 
Nationwide curtain stores, trading companies, fabric plants, materials plants, rails, hardware, construction projects, etc.

400+ Rolling Door Dealers 
Nationwide rolling door materials, installation, utility, hardware materials, telecommunication, etc.




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886-7-623-6001 Ext. 107 & 106